Nintendo Announces the Virtual Boy Pro

Is the Virtual Boy Back?

Nintendo seemingly revealed a new console accessory: the Virtual Boy Pro. This headset attachment for the Nintendo Switch would allow players to experience games in augmented reality (AR).

Nintendo Announces the Virtual Boy Pro

The announcement sent shockwaves through the gaming world. The original Virtual Boy, released in 1995, was a commercial flop due to its bulky design, uncomfortable red monochrome display, and lack of quality games. So, was the Virtual Boy Pro a genuine announcement or an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke?

A Deep Dive into the Virtual Boy Pro Announcement

The IGN article announcing the Virtual Boy Pro details several features of the device, including:

  • Docking functionality with the Nintendo Switch.
  • Utilizing detached Joy-Con controllers for gameplay.
  • Superimposing AR visuals onto the real world.
  • Launching with a new Mario Kart title, “Mario Kart: Open Road,” where players race in real-life environments.

The article also includes a humorous quote from legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, acknowledging the Virtual Boy’s commercial failure and his personal fondness for the console.

Here’s what makes this announcement suspicious:

  • The timing: April 1st is April Fool’s Day, a day known for pranks and hoaxes.
  • The use of humor: The article’s tongue-in-cheek tone and Miyamoto’s quote hint at a comedic intent.
  • The outlandish concept: AR racing games like Mario Kart: Open Road seem far-fetched with current technology.

So, is the Virtual Boy Pro Real?

While the announcement is undeniably entertaining, all signs point towards it being an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke by IGN. Nintendo has made no official announcements regarding a Virtual Boy Pro, and the concept itself seems far ahead of its time.

That said, the idea of an AR-enabled Nintendo Switch accessory is intriguing. While the Virtual Boy Pro might not be real, it does spark the imagination about the future possibilities of AR gaming on the Nintendo Switch platform.

The Virtual Boy Pro announcement is a reminder that even giants like Nintendo can have a playful side. It also highlights the ever-evolving landscape of gaming technology. While AR Mario Kart races through the streets might not be happening today, who knows what the future holds?

Whether you believe it’s real or a prank, the Virtual Boy Pro announcement is a reminder of the power of gaming to entertain and surprise us.

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